Morning Manna

Do we really understand what the “Favor of God” is.  People love to say they have it but do we really understand what it means. I  began to search for a definition and the one that I think describes it best is “the undeserved kindness of God”

We also must understand why God gives us his favor. God’s favor is not granted to us for our own pleasure or even to make us look good to others. I believe He grants it to us for two reasons. 1. That others lives can be changed because of what He did THRU (not for) us and so that He can get the glory.

When I think about the people in the Bible who we say see had God’s favor, we only see it because of the struggles that they went thru and then God shows up!  Joseph was favored by God and we know this because he was thrown in a pit, jail and then the palace.

Job lost everything but we see God’s favor it Chapter 42.

God favored Lazarus because He restored his life.

God’s Favor shows up when nothing else can help.  Favor shows up when we are in the valley.  Don’t discount when you go thru because that is where you see how much God favors you.

Don’t Confuse God’s Blessings with his Favor.  Your house and nice car are blessings from God. God’s favor is when you have bad credit from making mistakes and you are able to get a house you don’t deserve for the interest rate of someone with Good credit.  Your good job is a blessing. God’s Favor is when you background is full of mistakes and you get the job anyhow.  Your promotion from your hard work is a blessing.  Being promoted in 1 month when it normally takes everyone else  years on the job and more education than you have is God’s favor!

I appreciate everything that God has blessed me with but His Favor is what humbles me!

Good Morning!

My truth

So let me apologize if I ramble but God has really been downloading and I have so much I want to share and will probably be sharing a lot here over the next few weeks.  One of my concerns with the church especially when it comes to women we don’t like to tell anyone what we are going thru. So many women feel like they are the only ones or alone when they go thru things because we aren’t willing to share because we don’t want anyone in our business or we are ashamed. But if we have this mindset how are we ever gone to heal. How are we ever going to move forward.  I will be honest writing this is a struggle for me because honestly some things I don’t want to share but I know that is a trick of the enemy and if one person can read this and feel some hope and not be discouraged then God’s mission is accomplished. What I am realizing daily is that this journey is not about me but all about Him!

Deuteronomy 2:3 is what has pushed me into purpose. I have been circling the same mountain for quite some time and it is time to move on from here and the only way to do that is to share so here I go.

Over the last year I have struggled with depression. I am crying as I type this because this is the first time that I am sharing this. In the midst of this struggle I have smiled, I have encouraged others, I have ministered but I was still depressed.  See I couldn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to bother anybody and I am a minister how does that look to be depressed. I could list the things that I have gone thru but as I finally began to deal with it I realize that the stem of it has to do with not really loving me.  This is going to sound so crazy to some of you but it is my truth. I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t see the strong woman everyone else sees.  I see a weak, unattractive person who is not worthy.

I am not sharing looking for anyone to tell my how strong I am or how beautiful I am but I am sharing because someone else needs to know you are not alone and most of all you don’t have to stay here. I hit my midnight about 2 weeks ago. I was preparing to go out of town to spend the weekend with friends and I didn’t feel like putting on the mask. See that’s what we do we put on mask to cover up what we are going thru but don’t realize how this hinders our healing. But I put on my mask and made it thru the weekend but then  I saw a picture of myself from that weekend and I think I cried for 2 hours because I hated the way I looked and then God took me back to Deuteronomy 2:3 and asked me how long am I going to circle this mountain. How long am I going to allow this spirit to keep me in this same place. Then I had my Midnight Moment and realized that I have to stop allowing the enemy to hinder me. So I am not saying that I miraculously healed. I am saying I am on a journey to be all that God has called me to be. It is time to move north and stop circling this same mountain.  So I began to write the vision! I didn’t write the problem I wrote the vision. I have written the plan to began to love the woman I see in the mirror. I thought God was going to wait until I came out (because I AM coming out) to share but He says I am going to share while I am coming out so that other women who are struggling with self-esteem issues can be encouraged and come out with me.  NO SOLDIER left behind!  We are going to come out on the other side!

Tomorrow I will share more about writing the vision! Be blessed and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

Morning Manna 2

Morning Manna 2: The job that I am in now I am replacing a supervisor who had been there over 20 years and 3 of my team members have been there just as long. They loved their old supervisor so I knew that I was going to have a hard role to fill especially since I was going to be making A LOT of changes to the processes they have been used to. Yesterday there were so amazed by one of the changes that I was making they said ” Shavon we are not used to this but we sure like it. You are alright with us.” I made a joke and said Moses is gone, it is now time to follow Joshua. This morning God has really been working that in my spirit. All change is not bad and just because we are used to doing things one way doesn’t mean that doing it different is a bad thing. Don’t get so comfortable with way that things have always been done that you don’t recognize when God has shifted! Good Morning Again!!!!

Morning Manna

Morning Manna: Numbers 13 One of the things that has always been crazy to me about the story of the 12 spies is that they went to explore the land for 40 days and God kept them but they still came back afraid to do what God had just did for them. They forgot that the whole reason that they had left Egypt and gone thru the red sea was for the moment to claim the promise land. When they get to the place where God is ready to do exactly what He said He was going to do (HE DID IT FOR 40 DAYS) they become fearful. Don’t get so comfortable in the wait that when God tells you its time to get exactly what He promised you that you delay your promise. A wise woman reminded me on yesterday that we should never settle for being comfortable. Sometimes God puts us in uncomfortable situations so that He can give us exactly what He promised. Don’t become so anxious about the changes that God is trying to do in you that you miss that the changes have already begun! Good Morning!

Morning Manna

Morning Manna: Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in what you are going thru and focusing on all the things we need fixed. The best way I have found for me not to get overwhelmed with all that is wrong is what I call Thankful Thursday. On Thursday when I pray I don’t ask God for anything I just Thank him for everything He has already done. I accomplish two things- 1. I let God know that I am grateful and haven’t forgotten all He has already done and 2. Remind myself that if God has done all those things everything that seems to be overwhelming now are going to eventually be on my Thankful Thursday prayer list and I find the strength to endure and let my light shine so that others can see how grateful I am to serve such an awesome God. So if you are going thru add Thankful Thursday to your routine and Watch God change YOU even if your situation doesn’t! Good Morning!

Morning Manna

Daniel 10- This Chapter gives me such encouragement when it comes to the prayer.  In this chapter Daniel began to pray and seek God for an answer and for a while it seemed like God did not hear him but then an angel came to him and said when Daniel prepared himself to pray ( before he even began to pray) God sent the answer but the devil tried to block the answer from reaching him. The angel explained he called for back up and the answer finally was able to come.

There is nothing more frustrating to pray and it seems like God is not answering. Psalms 6:9 assures us that the Lord will answer our prayer.  Don’t allow your faith to waver because there is no visible evidence of God’s answer to your prayer at the moment YOU think it should be. Remember God’s timing is perfect and one of two things may be happening.  He is preparing you for the answer or preparing the answer for you.

There have been prayers that I have prayed that it seemed like God was silent and the more I prayed the more I realized that what I was asking God was not what I needed. There are other times that I prayed and the answer didn’t come right then but when it came it was right on time. I am sure God answered my prayer when I prayed it but time had to line up with what was best for me!

When God is silent it does not mean he has rejected your prayer or that he is ignoring you. God is preparing you for the answer. Sometimes there is a process to get you where you need to be so that the answer will be received.  Wait on God and when the answer comes you will understand the delay! Good Morning!

Morning Manna

Morning Manna: Isaiah 64:4 I don’t know about yall but the hardest thing to do sometimes when you have a promise from God is to wait. This verse encourages us by letting us know that the reward are more than we could ever imagine, see or hear when just wait on God’s timing instead of trying to force our own. If you really think about it how much choice do you have anyway and look at how long God waited on you. I have learned and constantly have to remind myself that waiting on God is better than trying to move without Him. A lot of regret in my life is moving too fast but I have NEVER regretted waiting on God! Good Morning!

Morning Manna

The Bible says that God provides a way of escape for every temptation. That means before the devil ever tries you God has already put IN you the way to defeat him. Some test are so that you can find what is inside you. Until you go thru you don’t realize how strong you are, how much power you have and the peace of God that resides in you. Stop looking to other people to help you get thru your storm when everything you need is already inside of you. How do I know? Because 1 John 4:4 says so! Good Morning.

Morning Manna

Morning Manna: Psalms 25: 4-5 Show me your ways…when we ask God to show us His way we need to be sure that we really want God’s way and not looking for Him to approve our ways.
Teach me your path…when God tells us His way and His desire for us we need to seek His plan and path for us to get it. His will for us comes with a map we need to seek
The wait…the hardest thing to do is wait on God but what choice do you really have if you are truly trusting Him? When you do it God’s way it is always worth the wait.
My prayer today is God show me your way, keep me in your will and because I trust you I will be content in the wait!
God’s way, God’s will, My wait! Good Morning!

Morning Manna

Morning Manna: I have been stuck on the thoughts of God for a minute now and I am understanding that sometimes we go thru for us and sometimes it’s to be a testimony for someone else. Whatever the reason because God’s thoughts for us is one of peace, until peace shows up the work is not complete. It is going to hurt and you are going to have tough moments but growth comes from the testing. Trust and faith is built thru the testing. Peace has to show up because that is what God promised in Jeremiah 29:11. I am praying today that you concentrate on the thoughts that God has towards you and not your circumstance because that is temporary but the peace of God is forever!!!!! Good Morning!!

Minister Shavon Jefferson