Morning Manna

Daniel 10- This Chapter gives me such encouragement when it comes to the prayer.  In this chapter Daniel began to pray and seek God for an answer and for a while it seemed like God did not hear him but then an angel came to him and said when Daniel prepared himself to pray ( before he even began to pray) God sent the answer but the devil tried to block the answer from reaching him. The angel explained he called for back up and the answer finally was able to come.

There is nothing more frustrating to pray and it seems like God is not answering. Psalms 6:9 assures us that the Lord will answer our prayer.  Don’t allow your faith to waver because there is no visible evidence of God’s answer to your prayer at the moment YOU think it should be. Remember God’s timing is perfect and one of two things may be happening.  He is preparing you for the answer or preparing the answer for you.

There have been prayers that I have prayed that it seemed like God was silent and the more I prayed the more I realized that what I was asking God was not what I needed. There are other times that I prayed and the answer didn’t come right then but when it came it was right on time. I am sure God answered my prayer when I prayed it but time had to line up with what was best for me!

When God is silent it does not mean he has rejected your prayer or that he is ignoring you. God is preparing you for the answer. Sometimes there is a process to get you where you need to be so that the answer will be received.  Wait on God and when the answer comes you will understand the delay! Good Morning!

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