Morning Manna

Morning Manna: Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in what you are going thru and focusing on all the things we need fixed. The best way I have found for me not to get overwhelmed with all that is wrong is what I call Thankful Thursday. On Thursday when I pray I don’t ask God for anything I just Thank him for everything He has already done. I accomplish two things- 1. I let God know that I am grateful and haven’t forgotten all He has already done and 2. Remind myself that if God has done all those things everything that seems to be overwhelming now are going to eventually be on my Thankful Thursday prayer list and I find the strength to endure and let my light shine so that others can see how grateful I am to serve such an awesome God. So if you are going thru add Thankful Thursday to your routine and Watch God change YOU even if your situation doesn’t! Good Morning!

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