Morning Manna

Do we really understand what the “Favor of God” is.  People love to say they have it but do we really understand what it means. I  began to search for a definition and the one that I think describes it best is “the undeserved kindness of God”

We also must understand why God gives us his favor. God’s favor is not granted to us for our own pleasure or even to make us look good to others. I believe He grants it to us for two reasons. 1. That others lives can be changed because of what He did THRU (not for) us and so that He can get the glory.

When I think about the people in the Bible who we say see had God’s favor, we only see it because of the struggles that they went thru and then God shows up!  Joseph was favored by God and we know this because he was thrown in a pit, jail and then the palace.

Job lost everything but we see God’s favor it Chapter 42.

God favored Lazarus because He restored his life.

God’s Favor shows up when nothing else can help.  Favor shows up when we are in the valley.  Don’t discount when you go thru because that is where you see how much God favors you.

Don’t Confuse God’s Blessings with his Favor.  Your house and nice car are blessings from God. God’s favor is when you have bad credit from making mistakes and you are able to get a house you don’t deserve for the interest rate of someone with Good credit.  Your good job is a blessing. God’s Favor is when you background is full of mistakes and you get the job anyhow.  Your promotion from your hard work is a blessing.  Being promoted in 1 month when it normally takes everyone else  years on the job and more education than you have is God’s favor!

I appreciate everything that God has blessed me with but His Favor is what humbles me!

Good Morning!

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