Coaching amplifies transformation, one conversation at a time. If you’re looking to spark your own internal motivation, Shana can help you light the fire. Are you ready for change?

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Leader, keynote and motivational speaker. With more than 20 years’ experience in strategic operations and training, Shana shares with her audience how she became a senior leader and what drove her to succeed.

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Though each coaching session is different, they are all inspired to transform. The testimonies below detail how coaching with Shana had a profound impact on their lives.


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I am a visionary that inspires others to be, act, and live differently to achieve their greatest results – becoming Unapologetically YOU!

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Inspirational Leader, Life Coach, Minister, Author

Voted 2021 Black Authors Matter TV Award. Author of a thought-provoking and spiritual
arising book, It Is Well. Shana Wilson Anderson is a certified transformational life
coach, published author, minister and inspirational speaker. She developed a heart for coaching
while leading high impact teams in Call Center Operations and Learning and Development for
over 20 years. She has led hundreds of women (and a few men) through coaching and mentoring
that have transformed many lives. As a result, she created an empowerment academy called I am
Unapologetically Me ™ which focuses on helping individuals reach their maximum potential
and purpose in life. She believes everyone is born with a light inside of them. Shana helps her
clients to shine brightly by aligning their purpose and passion to live fully in every aspect of their

"I am proud of the woman I am today because I went through one hell of a time becoming her. I am Unapologetically Me!!!"

I am Unapologetically Me™ Academy E-Course

I believe that everything that happens in life is forming you to be the person you were born to be. As an ordained minister and certified life coach, I am on a journey to help women discover who they are and start the process of living a purpose filled life through transformation coaching.

I realized that I needed to expand my reach to impact more lives and I am Unapologetically Me™ was birthed! This course will allow me to impact so many more lives but on a schedule and pace that fits you.

What is “I am Unapologetically Me ™ all about? This e-course will help you learn that it is critically important to find a balance in every area of your life. Balance is necessary to maintain your focus on purpose or simply helping provide clarity to discover what it is. 

Books by: Shana Wilson Anderson

Read My Book & Start your Journey to becoming Unapologetically YOU!

About 10 years ago, I found my self asking the question, why me? Life was happening and I was struggling and wanted to give up.  I started journaling as a way to deal with the constant trials of life. After several years of this, I felt God was encouraging me to tell my story. What story?  I was clueless to what they meant. My husband suggested I look into my journals for guidance. After reviewing them I wrote down a possible title for several chapters, and when I finished going through all of my journals, I realized it was in order and I had a story to share! Every situation in life had a purpose and I could clearly see God’s hand in every situation.  I had survived them all and IT IS WELL was birthed.

Have you pondered this question a time or two? IT IS WELL can help you understand why not you? This thought provoking and spiritually arising guide with journal will help you learn how to navigate through your daily life challenges. I share some of my personal life sessions and how they were predestined to help form the best relationship ever and discovering my purpose.

Your past was designed just for you. It has molded you into who you are today. It was not an accident, but part of the greater plan. When we clearly know who we are, then and only then will we be able to find purpose in life.

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