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I Am Unapologetically Me Academy

I Am Unapologetically Me is not just another workshop, its an awakening; a life changing experience! It is an academy that specializes in YOU. Join me and other women who will take a step to become Unapologetically themselves. I will help women to discover who they are and start the process of living a purpose filled life through storytelling, coaching, interactive group sessions and sharing what God says. Your past was designed just for you. It has molded you into who you are today. It was not an accident, but part of the plan. Let’s talk about our past and take a step in becoming who you were created to be – Unapologetically You!

Fall 2024 Intensive

$ 495
  • Fall 2024 Intensive

Spring Summer 2024 Intensive

$ 495
  • Spring Summer 2024 Intensive

Winter 2024 Intensive

$ 495
  • Winter 2024 Intensive

Sister Circle Retreats

Sometimes we need to just get away! Join me and a few other women as ESCAPE from our daily routines and take a moment to pause, reflect, connect, recharge and take the next step in becoming our true unapologetic self.

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For over 20 Years, I have supported, nurtured and mentored hundreds of women and men into meeting and exceeding both professional and personal goals. 

Speaking engagements and workshops can be designed specifically to meet your specific needs. 

Leadership * Spiritual *Motivational  Strategy * Vision

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