Morning Manna

Morning Manna: Numbers 13 One of the things that has always been crazy to me about the story of the 12 spies is that they went to explore the land for 40 days and God kept them but they still came back afraid to do what God had just did for them. They forgot that the whole reason that they had left Egypt and gone thru the red sea was for the moment to claim the promise land. When they get to the place where God is ready to do exactly what He said He was going to do (HE DID IT FOR 40 DAYS) they become fearful. Don’t get so comfortable in the wait that when God tells you its time to get exactly what He promised you that you delay your promise. A wise woman reminded me on yesterday that we should never settle for being comfortable. Sometimes God puts us in uncomfortable situations so that He can give us exactly what He promised. Don’t become so anxious about the changes that God is trying to do in you that you miss that the changes have already begun! Good Morning!

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