Morning Manna 2

Morning Manna 2: The job that I am in now I am replacing a supervisor who had been there over 20 years and 3 of my team members have been there just as long. They loved their old supervisor so I knew that I was going to have a hard role to fill especially since I was going to be making A LOT of changes to the processes they have been used to. Yesterday there were so amazed by one of the changes that I was making they said ” Shavon we are not used to this but we sure like it. You are alright with us.” I made a joke and said Moses is gone, it is now time to follow Joshua. This morning God has really been working that in my spirit. All change is not bad and just because we are used to doing things one way doesn’t mean that doing it different is a bad thing. Don’t get so comfortable with way that things have always been done that you don’t recognize when God has shifted! Good Morning Again!!!!

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