There is a Method to the Madness: Surrender it All

TIRED AND EXHAUSTED!!!  I have used these adjectives several times recently to describe how I feel. In fact, even after 8 hour of sleep last night I woke up feeling once again tired and exhausted. Church was canceled due to Hurricane Florence yet I had a strong urge that I needed to hear a word from God. I received a Facebook alert that the Potter’s House was live and I tuned in and shared the broadcast on my television.  Pastor T.D. Jakes’ message today was titled, “Are You Open to Better?” Of course, we all want to respond, “Yes.” But are you really open to do things necessary to be better? The very thing that I love to do = help others, is the very thing that is causing me to be TIRED AND EXHAUSTED.  Some days I have so much on my plate there is little or no time to do what I have been truly called to do. My gift is destroying me.  How can my gift be destroying me you ask? Its simple – my method is not effective.  

My constant declaration of independence is the very thing that is causing me to be isolated, tired and exhausted. “Shana, do you need help with anything? I am here for you.” My response, “No, I got it. Thanks.”  All at the same time, I am wondering how in the hell am I going to get everything done. Well, now I know.  My method is ineffective. I cannot do it all by myself. 

God created us to be interdependent. He has surrounded his with people who share our same vision and passion. There is value in the people that we chose to surround ourselves with at home, work, church, maybe even the people we follow on Instagram and Facebook. People often tell me that they love my spirit. That my spirit is missed when I am not present. Well this very same spirit is why I have a relationship with so many. This is why these very same people are often passionate about the same things that I am passionate about. This did not just happen by coincidence. It is God working on my behalf. He has surrounded me with people that have the resources and potential to help me when needed.  Instead of saying I got it, I need to say, “Yes, and thank you.”  As a controller (Yes, I finally admitted it. It’s our secret),  it is hard to delegate things that are very important to me. However, in order for me to focus more on the things that I am passionate about, I must relinquish responsibilities more and trust those that are in my circle.  I am a limited valuable resource. I no longer feel the need to validate who I am to others because I know who and whose I am.  There is no one to compare Shana to but Shana.  And I am only accountable for the gift that God gave me. And I certainly cannot be everything for everyone every day all the time.  I have a BIG vision that I will be global and impact many lives and I know that I cannot do it alone. I am not only open to being better, I am open to doing better. I will commit to surrounding myself with people with potential that will maintain a high level of integrity, commitment, trustworthiness, competence and who do not break under pressure.  

I chose to be a VOLUMINOUS person. My capacity is big and my expectations even bigger. I will rely on others that support my vision, passion and purpose. I commit to giving my all, accepting and asking for help when needed.  I will continue to be open even if it means changing my method, shutting up, or doing the very thing that scares the hell out of me. 

Are you TIRED AND EXHAUSTED too? Let’s change together. Stop take a breathe, look in the mirror. What do you see? What areas of your life can you lean on others so that you can live your best life? Surrender all those things that are keeping you from gift, your passion,  your best life. There is a method to your madness, surrender it all. 

Listen to this song and be blessed.

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