Morning Manna by Minister Shavon Jefferson


Long post alert! Year 40 has been the worst/best year for me. I have been tested in every area of my life. This year brought pain, depression and confusion. Going into this year I lost 30 pounds and as I leave this year the 30 has found me and brought company. For 5 months I couldn’t use my hands. The doctors could see something was wrong but couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me or what was causing it. The job that I loved decided to close the department I worked in. Relationships that I thought were solid were shaky. This year was defintely one where the devil took a strong shot at me. But one day in all that had been going on in my life God reminded me that I said for His glory I would do anything. So a year that started with multiple medications ends with one. The same way the doctors were baffled about what was wrong with me is the same way they were baffled when God healed me. I remember being so embarrassed one Wednesday night at church because I had to ask a stranger to help me button my pants that I cried and then soon after that I was in that same bathroom crying again because SUDDENLY I was healed! Those relationships that were shaky some have survived some have not but God is in control. I am unemployed but God is my source. Yes this year has been the worst but if I didn’t go thru these trials my relationship with God would not be what it Is! For His Glory. I don’t know what year 41 holds for me but year 40 has taught me so much and I know who has me. I know the devil won’t give up but neither will I. I know every day won’t be a good day but I know every day will be God’s day! Happy Birthday to me!

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