Circles, Circles and More Circles

Tired? Stressed? A little overwhelmed some days? Everything and everyone getting on your last nerve? Maybe it’s just me.  My internal alarm clock goes off daily at 6:53am. I usually begin with 30 minutes of Shana time (silence, prayer and mediation). Then coffee time. Then the corporate clock timer begins at 8am. My day is full with…

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trapped in your past

Trapped in Your Past

Are you a prisoner of your past? Are you still holding on to what happened? Why me? Like I said in my book, It Is Well, Why not you? This weekend I had the opportunity to sit still, which is rare, and watch a little television. I stumbled across this NetFlix series titled, “Wentworth.” For…

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Choose Joy

We are the authors of our lives. We are constantly etching the scripts with the choices we make (choices of commission and omission), and framing them with the words we speak and the words we should be speaking, but don’t. Speak joy and choose love, that your life might be happily ever after, for “them”…

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shana blogpost

When They See Us

I recently watched Ava Duvernay’s, “When They See Us.” As I watched, I cried and cried and cried again. So many times, I wanted to pause and stop watching but I just couldn’t stop. Each episode was filled with so much deep hurt and pain. I saw my husband, my sons, my nephews, my cousins…

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Wouldn’t Change the Bad Times

I wouldn’t change the bad times even if I could. I know you are thinking, “Shana, no one wants bad times. What is really going on?” And you are absolutely right but hold on, I’m not crazy; I’m blessed. Let me explain. This weekend I had the honor of attending POWERFILLED 2019. It was nothing…

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Just Take a Step

Just take a step? You always wanted to open your own business, write a book, go back to school or even find a new job. But you’re comfortable, right? To add even more confusion in helping answer those questions you have thoughts of what if I fail, what if I can’t make it by myself, or how will I pay my bills. Well,…

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