Mas Christmas

A small cloud, a mustard seed, a baby in a ghetto manger are all small and seemingly insignificant, and perhaps even undesirable. So, if you are waiting for something large and grandiose from God; He may have already given it to you, but in a form that in no way resembles what it shall become,…

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I Can’t Breathe

I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. I Can’t Breathe. Eric Gardner pleaded 11 times that he could not breathe before being suffocating to death by the very people who took an…

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Created for a Purpose? ??‍♀️

What is my purpose in life? The question so many ask but already have the answer. Shana, what do you mean? I have no clue what my purpose is. God has not revealed my purpose. Well, I beg to differ. Some church folk can get real deep and lead everyone to believe your purpose is…

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Let “It” Go, Let “It” Go, Let “It” Go!!!!

It’s simply hard to let somethings go. Have you ever had an unsettled feeling that you need to let “IT” go but you don’t seem to know how? Or someone is in your ear, “Just let it go!” I don’t understand why you can’t let it go. If it was me…..”   or your mind is…

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Circles, Circles and More Circles

Tired? Stressed? A little overwhelmed some days? Everything and everyone getting on your last nerve? Maybe it’s just me.  My internal alarm clock goes off daily at 6:53am. I usually begin with 30 minutes of Shana time (silence, prayer and mediation). Then coffee time. Then the corporate clock timer begins at 8am. My day is full with…

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trapped in your past

Trapped in Your Past

Are you a prisoner of your past? Are you still holding on to what happened? Why me? Like I said in my book, It Is Well, Why not you? This weekend I had the opportunity to sit still, which is rare, and watch a little television. I stumbled across this NetFlix series titled, “Wentworth.” For…

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