This is NOT normal!

Not worrying about what to wear every day is NOT normal.

Waking up to watch service online is NOT normal.

Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner together as a family is NOT normal.

Frequent game nights filled with tons of laughter is NOT normal.

Weekly virtual meetings with your family is NOT normal.

Taking afternoon strolls in your neighborhood is NOT normal.

Working from home and enjoying your house is NOT normal.

Talking (not texting) to check in on how people are doing is NOT normal.

Working on your OWN business is NOT normal.

Spending quality time and teaching your kids is NOT normal.

Completing your honey do lists is NOT normal.

Clean house, no laundry is NOT normal.

Organized and purged closets and drawers is NOT normal.

Exercising and eating healthier is NOT normal.

Picnics in your backyard is NOT normal.

Watching the sunrise and sunset daily is NOT normal.

Resting and sleeping as needed is NOT normal.

Watching all the latest TV shows is NOT normal.

I heard a message watching online service this morning and the pastor said, “The goal is not to go Back to normal but look FORWARD to normal. ”

Who said the old was where God wants us to be!! You prayed for God to give you more time, to allow you to focus on YOU, your family, your business , take class, do needed work around the house etc….

So I ask, do you want to go back to normal?

I’m looking forward to a NEW normal!

6 thoughts on “This is NOT normal!

  1. What an inspiring message! This sheds so much light on how much we take for granted. What a blessing to assess what we’ve gained in spite of so much loss.

  2. Looking forward to normal is so refreshing and exciting. Having the time and ability to slow down and recharge has been one of the greatest gifts from God. I spend more time praying and reading the word. In my quiet times God is spiritually developing and maturing me. I am finding my purpose in this season and I love it!

  3. This time has definitely allowed me to refocus my life. What a powerful and timely message. I too am looking forward to a new normal.

  4. I will not complain because this pandemic has shown me the things that was allowing me to have unnecessary stress over is not important. There are 24hours in each day and instead of following my daily routine I am focusing on what’s important. Who says the bed has to be made as soon as we get up?Relax. Get that cup of coffee, sit down and relax. Starting my day resting in the Lord. Thankful for each day. Devotional more important than ever. Committed to do more for others. Sharing my blessings. Grateful for the trials that have made me stronger.

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