What if yesterday was your last day?


In loving memory of my brother in love, Anshaun Harrison (October 20, 1979-November 12, 2021)

This week, I grieved and celebrated the life of my brother in love, Shaun. October 20 would have been his 43rd birthday. His phone would have been blowing up with calls and texts that would get ignored or answered. But not mine, he would always answer, “Hey Sissy!”

I remember my last day seeing him. It was the day of my conference, and I went by his house to drop something off. What I didn’t realize was his last words to me, “I love you Sissy” would be the final time I would hear his voice. If I knew it would be the last time, I could have stayed and talked longer. I was rushing, as usual, to the next thing. So, I this week I once again, I am pausing, reflecting, assessing, analyzing and strategizing Shana’s next. A little self-reflection not only to ensure I am still aligned to the plan and purpose of my life, but I am living.

What if today is your last day? What if yesterday was your last day?

I asked myself both questions.  Very similar but designed to make you reflect on life and things you want to do. Or maybe encourage you to forgive, forget or simply move forward.  But, you only have a choice for one.  What if today is your last day?

What things will you do in your last hours?

Who will you reach out to forgive or maybe ask for forgiveness?

Will you take the trip you keep saying you don’t have time for?

Will you buy the car?

Will you eat the strawberries?  (Oh! only if I’m sure it’s my last day and close to the end.)

If yesterday was your last day, what did you wish?

I wish I had loved me more.

I wish I had called my friends.

I wish I had gone to my child’s game.

I wish I had worked less.

I wish I had talked more to those who mattered versus scrolling on social media looking at people who cared nothing about me. I’m just a like.

I wish I had opened the business. I had so many great ideas!

I wish I had quit the job. I was so comfortable.

I wish I had a closer relationship with God. (it’s getting hot in here)

I wish I went back to school. I really wanted my degree.

I wish I gave more to those in need. I had so much junk someone could have used it.

I wish I had gotten married. I was scared.

I wish I had a child. I put work over my family.

I wish I had eaten healthier. Those Oreo’s really aren’t that good.

I wish I had exercised more. I wasted all those gym memberships.

I wish I had truly committed to love, laugh, and live my best life.

While today you may not be able to buy the house or quite the job, you can still choose to live your life to the fullest. We may not know the exact date or time when we no longer have a choice. If you are reading this post, God has given us another opportunity! 

What if today is your last day?

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