Angry BLACK woman?

Angry black woman?

I have heard this phrase since I entered corporate America several years ago. It bothered me then, and now it bothers me even more.

Angry black woman?

As I watched the commentators speculate if Democratic Vice President nominee, U.S. Senator, former District Attorney, former Attorney General, Howard University graduate, University of California, Hastings College of Law graduate, wife, mom, Kamala Harris would be able to professionally debate Pence without “coming across as an angry black woman”, my rage increased.

Mrs. Harris, like so many Black women, has earned her seat at the table. Yet, she is still questioned about being an angry black woman. Well, why in the land of the free, home of the brave, would she even be angry? Why would any Black woman in America be labeled as angry?

Is it because she is judged by the color of her skin versus the content of her character? I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Is it because she makes .79 for every dollar earned by white men? I AM PRICELESS!

Is it because she makes 21% less than white woman for the same job and same skills? I AM EDUCATED!

Is it because she knows that less than 10% of women are promoted into leadership roles? 1.4% for C-suite positions? I AM EXPERIENCED!

Is it because she worries about her son being shot by police every time he leaves her presence? I AM WORRIED!

Is it because she worries about her husband being shot by police every time he leaves home? I AM AFRAID!

Is it because she works twice as hard to prove she is worthy of her median income job? I AM TIRED!

Is it because she was told her locs are unprofessional? I AM PROFESSIONAL!

Is it because she was told that she could never be a leader? I AM AN INSPIRATIONAL LEADER!

Angry black woman?

Maybe? But if you care to look deeper, you will understand exactly why she may be angry. In the face of the many obstacles described above, there may be days and times where she can’t smile through her pain, frustration and constant disappointments. Today, I am an angry black woman. But I am also so much more…











Goal Oriented.


You can label me as you see fit. I no longer care.

I am Unapologetically Me – Shana!

3 thoughts on “Angry BLACK woman?

  1. Keep Writing!!! Many women need to know how to overcome the labels that have been put on us as women of color

  2. Well said. I love this❤️ You’re so inspirational! This content speaks for black women every where!

  3. I am so proud of you. You are all of this and more. You are more than enough. It is strong black women of faith like you who are leading by example. I am sure your words will inspire that person that feels like giving up to keep on moving.

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