quar·an·tine Time


It’s quarantine time! ? I know you’re asking why is Shana smiling because this is such a serious and emotional time for so many. Yes, I understand some of us may be going through probably one of the worst times in our lives. Being in quarantine is a state of isolation and can be very lonely, frustrating and depressing. I personally have felt all kinds of emotions – stress, anxiety, boredom and grief just to name a few. However, there can be lots of great things that can happen during isolation if you ACT now. Pause and think for a moment. Is your house in order???

Really, is your house in order? It’s quarantine time!

There is the obvious – your physical dwelling. Take the time to organize and truly clean your home. Dust, mop, clean and bleach everything that you can safely disinfect. It’s almost impossible not to have any contact with anyone or anything from the outside so take every precaution (and then add to it) to keep your home as clean as possible. As the seasons change and my boredom was high, I decided to pack away my winter clothes and transition to spring and summer. But as I removed items, I realized there were some many articles that I had not touched in years. If I’m honest, there were even several items that still had tags attached or I didn’t recall purchasing. My first thought was to sell as much as I could and buy some of the things that I wanted now. Then I started to think how there were so many others that could benefit from these items not to mention there were really no things I wanted during my quarantine time but to hug my family and friends. My desire shifted from packing away to packing to give away. Proverbs 21:26 reads, “All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.” It’s truly time to get my house in order.

Is your house in order? It’s quarantine time!

Now let’s take the f-word – financial. Every year my sister sends an excel document to every family member to update their respective financial information. The document includes bank account info, passcode’s, insurance info, doctor’s contact info, location of important paperwork like wills, social security numbers etc. If you can think about it, it’s probably there. Well earlier this year, I was very sick and as I laid on the floor of my office where I had slept for 3 days I thought to myself I am going to die. (undiagnosed Covid-19!) Then images of my husband and family looking through file cabinets and trying to guess my passwords to find information flooded my mine. I definitely am not ready to die and my house definitely is not in order. I prayed to God to heal my body because I have work to do. And He did – fully restored my health. Well I realized today and its now May and I still haven’t updated my info! (Shhh!!!) I know I’m not the only that promised God something then acted a little slow. But now it’s a goal that will be completed during quarantine time. Ok, that’s a dream. It will be completed by May 31, 2020 – not that’s a goal.

Is your house in order? It’s quarantine time!

Last but definitely not least is spiritual. In my book, IT IS WELL, I write about some amazing things that happened to me during isolation. No, I wasn’t in a government mandated quarantine but a God ordained isolation. I felt alone with nowhere to go, depressed and had thoughts of suicide. My life felt like it was in shambles, I heard a voice say I should just kill myself and it would all be over. I was lost. I cried out, “Lord, please help me, I need you!” I realized that there was something missing in my life and I had to find it. Well through journaling, prayer, and just living, I discovered exactly what was missing- A PERSONAL relationship with God and my life has changed forever.

So I ask again, is your house in order???

If the answer is no, it’s quarantine time!

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