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I have a feeling I can’t quite explain. I want to do “it” but something is holding me back. Every time I think about “it”, I get excited. “It” seems so real but something is holding me back. When I talk about “it”, my voice gets louder and faster but something is holding me back. When I see others doing “it” I feel a little envious because I know I should be doing “it.”

I recently posed this question to my family and friends and here are their excuses of what they are not doing “it.”:

DOUBT…. You decide what’s on your mind.

LAZINESS….You have the ability to get up and do “it.”

TIME MANAGEMENT….You need a plan to make “it” happen.

I NEED HELP….Who have you asked?

I MAY FAIL….You may succeed.

FINANCES….What have you done to get the financial support you need?

…. in other words the problem is YOU.

So the question, I ask is not “What” is holding you back?” But “ Why are YOU holding YOU back?”

So today, let’s declare to move YOU out of the way so YOU can do “it.” God has not placed that desire on your heart because He is bored. He placed it there for a purpose.

1 Corinthians 7:17 Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them.

What is that purpose? Look inside and YOU will find the answer.

Do you realize you could be only one thought away from actually doing “it”? This is where we often stay stuck because you struggle to ask the questions needed to find “it”. Well, that same feeling that you had about finding help it is here. This is not a sales pitch but a purpose driven effort to unlock “it” in others. If you got to this point, this message is for you or the person that immediately came to your mind (share it with them). We hide behind so many excuses as you can see from above. Those didn’t resonate? What about, “I don’t want others to know about “it” until it’s done. But you can’t figure it out by yourself. I tried it before and it failed. Well try again. Or are you afraid you may actually be able to do “it?” 🤔

Well, YOU are not alone! I discovered my “it”, Life Coaching. As a life coach, my goal is to be a strong advocate to help you reach your potential, fulfill your destiny and experience life changing transformation. In other words, I help others find their “it”. Over the past 20+ years, I have encountered many woman (and men) just like YOU.

Today, let’s shift your focus and do “it.” I AM Unapologetically Me Academy will surround you with woman just like you, searching for “it.” If you prefer one on one experiences, I can also accommodate you. But first, ask yourself, “Why am I holding myself back?” If you are ready to eliminate your excuse, take the first step.

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I AM READY to find my “IT”

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I AM READY to find my “IT” with Shana


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