⏰ Here Today⏰

I am sitting on a plane in route home from St. Croix in a terrible storm. I had the most enjoyable vacation, yet I am crying uncontrollably. I am sure the person next to me thinks I must have lost my best friend. But actually, what I realize is I AM HERE TODAY. Let me explain.

The tears are a result of sitting still for a few hours, which I rarely do (I really didn’t have a choice. Thanks Delta). I just finished watching the movie, “Here Today” with Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish. To my surprise, the movie was not just funny but inspiring. I won’t spoil the plot but highly recommend you watch it. What I can say is you are HERE TODAY.

As I reflect on our current state, we are in the middle of a pandemic, Delta variant on the rise, earthquake in Haiti, war in Afghanistan, just to mention a few headlines from the morning news. We are HERE TODAY. And now I am questioning what if today was my last day? Are there things I wanted to do but haven’t? Why didn’t I find time to take my grandsons to the beach? Why didn’t I wake up to watch the sunrise? Or why didn’t I kiss my husband last night before we went to sleep? Or kiss him when we woke up? Or call my parents just to say I love you? Why didn’t I personally call the women God told me to reach out to about the conference? Why didn’t I install the pool? Why didn’t I work a little harder on my own business? Why?? Why not?? I am HERE TODAY.

Or what if the tables were reversed and there is someone who isn’t HERE today that you thought would be. The person that you said “Oh, I’ll call them tomorrow, or when I have time” died last night from Covid. Or the person that you haven’t spoken to in years died in a car accident. And today isn’t a good day? I know these are some drastic examples but it’s reality for so many. We don’t know when today will be our last day. What we do know is they are HERE today and you my friend are too!

Think about your last words and actions with the people you care about the most. Was it good? Could it have been better? Is there something you wish you would have done differently? What if you didn’t get the chance to say, “I forgive you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you.” How would you feel? Why is it so easy to waste time thinking you will be HERE TODAY? It’s quite selfish to waste such a precious gift.

James 4:13-15 reads, “Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go into such and such a town and spend a year there and trade and make a profit”— yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or that.”

You are HERE TODAY!! It’s a great day to make that call. Start your business. Buy the car. Buy the house. Use the gym membership that you purchased in January. Lose the weight. Start your family. Go to the doctor. Eat the cake and pie. Write the book. Open the store. Book the trip. Take the day off. Go to the beach😷. Or maybe there are some things that are preventing you from truly being HERE TODAY. Quit the job. Leave the abusive partner. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. End the toxic relationship. Forgive yourself. Forgive them. Let go. Live. Love. Laugh.

Whatever it is just do it!

I challenge you to be HERE TODAY. Live every day like it’s your last. It just might be. ⏰

Unapologetically Shana

Let’s talk about our experiences and take the world by storm by being our true unapologetic selves. Meet me in Charleston on 10/23 for the I AM UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME! THE EXPERIENCE.

🗣🗣🗣I Lost My Voice🗣🗣🗣

For several years, I have been on a journey to become who God has called me to be, Unapologetically Me. During this process, I discovered the very thing that everyone was trying to stop, my voice. I was reminded of how powerful my very voice is during POWERFILLED Women’s Retreat. We were discussing your potent voice and was asked to reflect on situations that may have impacted your voice. A few women shared their stores, and I thought to myself, I don’t have a story. Well, on the contrary, we ALL have a story. I had chosen to hide mine. But the very next morning, I was spending some quiet time with God on the beach when he reminded me of my story…

As a child, I absolutely loved to talk. To be honest, I still do. As soon as my eyes opened in the morning, with my squeaky voice I would shout, “Gooooooood mornnnnning!!” Unfortunately, everyone wasn’t as excited at 6am as I was and often replied, “Shana be quiet.” Even though I wasn’t greeted with the same energy, off to school I went- happy. I enjoyed being around all the children and I could be myself, a TALKER! However, I struggled to use my voice appropriately during school, and frequently found my teachers telling me to be quiet. At the end of each semester, I ran out of school and opened my bookbag to retrieve my report card even after being instructed not to open until I got home. I had remarkable scores, A+ honor roll. I was excited because I knew not only would my parents be happy but my uncle would rewarded me with $10 for each A. I stuffed the report card back in my bookbag, ran home, and anxiously awaited my parents arrival to share my news. As soon as my mother opened the door, I shoved the report card in her hands, barely giving her a moment to settle in. She reviewed the grades and shared in my excitement that I continued to excel academically then the attitude shifted when she read the comments. It read, “Shana likes to talk,” and she stated, “Shana, you have to shut up in school.” The same scenario played over and over like a rerun of your favorite show. It was as if I was stuck in a soap opera and could guess the plot. Semester after semester the comments were the same, “Shana continues to talk,” “Shana must stop talking” Blah, Blah, Blah. All I heard was “Shana shut up.” As the punishment grew, I decided I needed to do just that, shut up and that’s what I did.

As I transitioned into middle and then to high school, I continued to excel academically but something was different. I only spoke up in class when I was called on. I continued to have friends and could socialize amongst them but I had changed. I had lost my voice. I graduated top of my class and went on to enter the corporate world. My first training class, I was a nervous wreck. I sat in the back, quiet and still as a church mouse. The class was 8 weeks long and it was torture. One day the instructor called for volunteers to do a role play exercise in front of the entire class. I thought, “I am not doing this in front of everyone.” Well, guess who she decided to call? Me! Ughh! I managed to get through the exercise but was uncomfortable because I had lost my voice.

As I continued to grow in my career, I found myself in similar situations. In meetings, I spoke when necessary. I even received feedback that I didn’t appear to be prepared when I did speak up. On the contrary, I was very prepared but felt the need to rush through what I wanted to say because no one really wanted to hear me. Right? I was a high performing Black female that no one noticed because I had lost my voice.

Losing the ability to use your voice can impact you in so many different ways. I became less confident, insecure and shied away from conversations. But Shana, how did you find your voice? God gave me a vision years ago in a dream on whom He made me to be. I was excited when I saw the new Shana. At that moment, I made a plan to become Shana Wilson Anderson. I created a vision statement for myself and became Unapologetically Me. I set SMART goals and surrounded myself with people that wanted to hear my voice and supported me.

It is through my voice I can reach others with my words. (Author)

It is through my voice I can pray and preach. (MInister)

It is through my voice that I am able to connect with people. (Certified Life Coach)

It is through my voice that I am able to influence. (Inspirational Leader)

It is through my voice that I have asked for what I want. (Confident)

It is through my voice that I help transform lives. (Visionary)

Proverbs 15:4 reads, “Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” Before you speak, think. Words can impact individuals in more ways than you can imagine.

I am Shana Wilson Anderson; a visionary that inspires others to be, act and live differently to achieve their greatest results. 🗣🗣I am UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME!🗣🗣

Confidently vocal,

Shana (pronounced Shawnah)

👉🏾YOU👈 ,👉🏾YOU👈 & 👉🏾YOU👈

I have a feeling I can’t quite explain. I want to do “it” but something is holding me back. Every time I think about “it”, I get excited. “It” seems so real but something is holding me back. When I talk about “it”, my voice gets louder and faster but something is holding me back. When I see others doing “it” I feel a little envious because I know I should be doing “it.”

I recently posed this question to my family and friends and here are their excuses of what they are not doing “it.”:

DOUBT…. You decide what’s on your mind.

LAZINESS….You have the ability to get up and do “it.”

TIME MANAGEMENT….You need a plan to make “it” happen.

I NEED HELP….Who have you asked?

I MAY FAIL….You may succeed.

FINANCES….What have you done to get the financial support you need?

…. in other words the problem is YOU.

So the question, I ask is not “What” is holding you back?” But “ Why are YOU holding YOU back?”

So today, let’s declare to move YOU out of the way so YOU can do “it.” God has not placed that desire on your heart because He is bored. He placed it there for a purpose.

1 Corinthians 7:17 Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them.

What is that purpose? Look inside and YOU will find the answer.

Do you realize you could be only one thought away from actually doing “it”? This is where we often stay stuck because you struggle to ask the questions needed to find “it”. Well, that same feeling that you had about finding help it is here. This is not a sales pitch but a purpose driven effort to unlock “it” in others. If you got to this point, this message is for you or the person that immediately came to your mind (share it with them). We hide behind so many excuses as you can see from above. Those didn’t resonate? What about, “I don’t want others to know about “it” until it’s done. But you can’t figure it out by yourself. I tried it before and it failed. Well try again. Or are you afraid you may actually be able to do “it?” 🤔

Well, YOU are not alone! I discovered my “it”, Life Coaching. As a life coach, my goal is to be a strong advocate to help you reach your potential, fulfill your destiny and experience life changing transformation. In other words, I help others find their “it”. Over the past 20+ years, I have encountered many woman (and men) just like YOU.

Today, let’s shift your focus and do “it.” I AM Unapologetically Me Academy will surround you with woman just like you, searching for “it.” If you prefer one on one experiences, I can also accommodate you. But first, ask yourself, “Why am I holding myself back?” If you are ready to eliminate your excuse, take the first step.

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I AM READY to find my “IT”

I prefer one on one time with Shana

I AM READY to find my “IT” with Shana


Life Coach Shana


Dear Shana,

Today is January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day of our 46th President of the United States of America. Can you believe that we have our first African American woman Vice President?

As Vice President Kamala Harris was sworn into office, my eyes began to swell and tears slowly streamed down my face. Memories of the many doors closed, the repeated you’re not what we are looking for, the conversations that I overheard of leaders talking about me all played like an old movie. Snap out of it Shana! It really happened! Dreams do come true!!

As I sit here reflecting on that moment, I am screaming, “We did it. We did it. We did it!l” I am overwhelmed with joy. I am filled with hope. I am filled with admiration. My timeline is not only filled with black and brown women adorned in pearls and Converse but several of my friends both men, women and their children are cheering us on. Change is here. Change is now. And it begins with you and me..

Every day I see glimpses of hope, glimpses of change. You can be whatever you want to be! You have come too far to quit. Keep pushing Shana. There are young girls and women who need your support, your advocacy, and your love as they transform into becoming their unapologetic selves. When you encounter a wall (and you will) run through it, jump over it, tear it down brick by brick with your bare hands if you have to but get to your destination. This year is about EXECUTION. You will do it. You will do it afraid. You will do it well. You will be victorious. But you will not be alone. You are surrounded by people who you can lean on when you need encouragement and support.

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” Deuteronomy 31:6.

Read it. Study it. Believe it until you become it! You are confident. You are fearless. You are purposeful. You are successful. You are Unapologetically Shana!

Can You Hear Me Now?

As I am reflecting on 2020, I realized that I had all of the answers I needed inside of me the entire time. There was(is) always an inner voice talking directly to me, but I was too busy listening to other people and seeking their advice (which often conflicted). I caused unnecessary stress and delays that could have been avoided. I Just couldn’t hear the inner voice. Actually, I wasn’t always listening for Him.

There is an inner voice, a strong desire, a feeling you can’t quite understand that is talking to you right now. You have some crazy idea that keeps coming up. You really want to take a step in becoming you. Is it a business owner? Career move? Improve your credit? Purchase a house? Start a family?


As I sit here creating my 2021 goals, I paused to reflect on all that I did and did not accomplish in 2020. All the prophets and Bible scholars proclaimed it would be the year of double blessings and overflow blah blah blah. But for me, 2020 was the year of vision and focus. I discovered I had a lot more time to think, plan, and organize my life. I spent time discovering what truly brought joy into Shana’s life. The things and people that did not add value, let’s say didn’t make it to 2021.


I can SEE goals that I had set for myself that I did NOT meet. If I’m honest, I didn’t even come close to some but there were several that I exceeded.


The goals that I met were all the ones that didn’t quite make sense to me but I had a “feeling” that I couldn’t explain or forget. When I tried to focus on other areas, it plainly failed. As my mind shifted to things I was hearing, I couldn’t let them go. I refocused my mind, time and energy on completing them. And, guess what? The gap of uncertainty was filled with more joy and happiness than I could have imagined.


2021 I will continue my journey- I am Unapologetically Me. I have set several SMART goals to ensure I have joy in the most important aspects of my life- Spiritual, Family, Career, Financial, Mental, Health, and Physical. I have surrounded myself with a circle of amazing, driven and supportive friends that will hold me accountable to ME.


There is an inner voice that is pushing you. That inner voice is the voice of God Almighty. He will guide you every step of the way. Do it! Do it afraid! Do it uncertain! Just Do it! You are not alone. For those of you that need help figuring out exactly what “it” is, where should I start, or just need an advocate to help you reach your potential, let’s connect!


Life Coach – Influencer- Inspirational Leader

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✨✨✨Black Girl Magic ✨✨✨

Today, I am full. As tears stream down my face, I am encouraged even more that I matter. I can do whatever I want to do.

At the beginning of my corporate career, I sat across my boss (he does not deserve the title of leader), anxious, excited and nervous about my first career planning conversation. We discussed how well I was performing as a front line phone agent. I blushed inside as I knew I was a top performer and enjoyed my work. He transitioned to what’s next and asked me, “Shana, where do you see your self in a year?” I have never thought this far ahead about my career. This was my first position that I could see beyond where I sat. I was frantic. I wanted to make a good impression but struggled for an answer. I looked around the call center floor and saw a few supervisors standing assisting others. I turned to him and blurted out, “I want to be a supervisor.” I was excited about that answer and surely he would be proud. The exact opposite happened he bellowed out a laugh that still makes my skin crawl when I think about this moment. After his personal laugh, he said, “Shana, that will NEVER happen and you need to think about a real goal.”

In that moment, I felt more like a school girl being bullied than a young adult ready to take the first steps in her career journey. I honestly tuned the rest of the conversation out and can’t recall how it ended. I went into the break room and called my husband and tearfully explained the conversation. A man of few words at times, he simply replied, “Prove him wrong.” My tears stopped and something inside me went into high gear. It is that exact moment I made up my mind that I would become a leader!

In a few days shy of my 1 year anniversary, I was promoted to a leader. (Note I did not say Boss. There is a difference) and the difference is me.

Nine or 10 promotions later, I am now a successful, results oriented, inspirational leader. I share this story as often as people will listen. One, I hope to encourage other brown girls that look like me that you are who God called you to be. The enemy will try to discourage, block and kill any idea or plan that will lead you into becoming YOU. Do not let him!! He has zero power.

Today, we have a front row seat to witness Democratic Vice President nominee, U.S. Senator, former District Attorney, former Attorney General, Howard University graduate, University of California, Hastings College of Law graduate, wife, mom, Kamala Harris to be our very First African American Vice President.

I am overwhelmed with joy to witness this historic moment! Thank you to Stacy Abrams for using her platform to encourage the community to submit mail in ballots. This has been proven to be a huge impact on the results. In other words Sis, you are not alone. You don’t have to fight solo. We are more powerful together. Each one, teach one. Each one, reach one! Grab your sister hand and run together.

I am putting the world on notice that my sole purpose in life is to help other women discover who they are so that they too can shatter the ceiling, run over the block, kick down the door, and sit confidently at any table they desire. We are on a journey to becoming our unapologetic self!

Stay tuned!

I am Unapologetically Me- The Experience!!

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Angry BLACK woman?

Angry black woman?

I have heard this phrase since I entered corporate America several years ago. It bothered me then, and now it bothers me even more.

Angry black woman?

As I watched the commentators speculate if Democratic Vice President nominee, U.S. Senator, former District Attorney, former Attorney General, Howard University graduate, University of California, Hastings College of Law graduate, wife, mom, Kamala Harris would be able to professionally debate Pence without “coming across as an angry black woman”, my rage increased.

Mrs. Harris, like so many Black women, has earned her seat at the table. Yet, she is still questioned about being an angry black woman. Well, why in the land of the free, home of the brave, would she even be angry? Why would any Black woman in America be labeled as angry?

Is it because she is judged by the color of her skin versus the content of her character? I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Is it because she makes .79 for every dollar earned by white men? I AM PRICELESS!

Is it because she makes 21% less than white woman for the same job and same skills? I AM EDUCATED!

Is it because she knows that less than 10% of women are promoted into leadership roles? 1.4% for C-suite positions? I AM EXPERIENCED!

Is it because she worries about her son being shot by police every time he leaves her presence? I AM WORRIED!

Is it because she worries about her husband being shot by police every time he leaves home? I AM AFRAID!

Is it because she works twice as hard to prove she is worthy of her median income job? I AM TIRED!

Is it because she was told her locs are unprofessional? I AM PROFESSIONAL!

Is it because she was told that she could never be a leader? I AM AN INSPIRATIONAL LEADER!

Angry black woman?

Maybe? But if you care to look deeper, you will understand exactly why she may be angry. In the face of the many obstacles described above, there may be days and times where she can’t smile through her pain, frustration and constant disappointments. Today, I am an angry black woman. But I am also so much more…











Goal Oriented.


You can label me as you see fit. I no longer care.

I am Unapologetically Me – Shana!

Run and Do Not Be Weary

Recently, I have found running has been an amazing way for me to clear my mind and relax. It’s funny because a doctor told me that I would never be able to run again due to rheumatoid arthritis. I remember how defeated I felt when he shared his opinion with me. But I serve a bigger and more powerful Doctor, God Almighty. He said, “Run!” So I decided I would do just that (like I had a choice). ??‍♀️ I started off walking to increase my strength. Slowly my pace increased until I could run with absolutely no issues. With my returned passion, I found a new peaceful 5-mile path that I could run and clear my mind near the river. It’s absolutely beautiful and for just a little while I get to disconnect and forget about all the “stuff” going on in the world.

Of course, I could not run/walk 5 miles at first. But the competitiveness in me kicked and I set a goal. I would complete the journey before August.

As I began my journey, I always had an excuse to quit. I need to do XYZ. I’m tired. It’s too hot. I’m hungry. It’s too woody. Somebody could kidnap me. ??‍♀️ But today I decided to not give in to myself, when I got tired I decided to rest for a few minutes. Then I got up and pushed just a little bit harder. Well, what I didn’t know was the end was around the corner and down the hill. I reflected on how many times I had quit yet the end was less than 5 minutes ahead. I was so excited to have completed the full journey. Running for me is really parallel to life and I’m learning so many lessons.

When situations arise, do not become weary and just quit. The end could be right around the corner and down a hill. Pause and reflect on your situation and ask God to help you push through. Ask yourself, “what is God trying to teach me in this season?” That allows you to focus on the “why” not the “it” and frees your mind to press forward.

Don’t focus on the goal, focus on PROGRESS. Enjoy the moment and celebrate along the way.

It’s takes the PROCESS to get the goal. 

Change your PERSPECTIVE on how to accomplish more. 

Your PACE, your race. When you’re tired, rest, then get up, focus and keep it movin’. You could be so close to the end and not know it.

Stay focused on YOU.

Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”


#ItsaProcess #BecomingMe  ??‍♀️ 

Crazy or Courageous? You Decide

I’m bent but not broken! That was the title of a meeting I attended a couple of weeks ago. My first thought was who are these CRAZY leaders sharing their very personal stories about mental health, depression, and work-life struggles AT work. I thought to myself, “I wonder if they forgot we are at work. Are there leaders on this call? How will this impact their performance ratings?” As I continued to listen to the many heartfelt stories, that my mind shifted . These leaders weren’t CRAZY they are COURAGEOUS. And I was even prouder to know one of them is my direct report. Then I started to do a little self assessment and think about how I was I really feeling at that moment.

What words would I use to describe how I was feeling if someone was to ask? And I would respond honestly and not my normal, “I’m good let’s talk about you.”






All came to mind.  So, now what? I have had a feeling for a few months that I needed to take a real break from work. To be honest, I needed a break from life and just focus on Shana. No work. No cleaning. No cooking. No obligations. CRAZY right? It would not make sense to take time away from work in the busiest most unprecedented chaos in the history of the company and definitely in my life. Now, is not the time. My team needs me. Some of them are struggling with adjusting to this unUsusal time too. They have personal problems that make mine seem so trivial at times. They need me. Right?

When the call ended, I sat in my office and cried for a couple of hours. It was time. I was going to do something CRAZY. I was determined to do something for Shana that I desperately needed. I was going to take some real time off of work. It’s easy preaching to others about self-care, rest, eat healthy, exercise and take time off for yourself no questions asked. But I realized I was busy impacting the lives of others and neglecting my very own. Even the strong gets tired. I’m tired!

My mind was made up that I needed to leave but how? What would this CRAZY decision do to my career? I’ve sat at the table when so-called leaders BLACKlisted (pun intended) leaders for promotions, high profile projects, and higher raises who had valid reasons for taking a leave from work. I have only been with the company a little over two years and I’m not sure about the culture and hidden values(if any) exists. Nor can I care more about a job than myself. And then my mind shifted to… what if I take a break and am able to receive a full restoration: healthier physically, mentally and spiritually! That would truly be an inspirational story to others! Romans 8:28 reads, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” And at that moment, I decided June 1 I would take the next step in my journey to #BecomingMe!

The discussion with my leader was tough but mostly because I had feelings of guilt and embarrassment. Yes, I felt embarrassed to explain that I needed to take time away from work at a time where everyone’s role is essential to keep the engine running. But I was simply out of gas. The conversation was well received and supported. No, it was encouraged. I had unnecessarily applied stress and pressure to my request that wasn’t warranted.

I felt compelled to have a conversation with my team to explain my CRAZY decision. Again, they were nothing short of compassionate, supportive and understanding. One of them even said, “Shana it’s not CRAZY it’s COURAGEOUS.”

As I sit on my porch watching the sun rise this morning, I am grateful that I may have been bent but I am definitely not broken. The journey to becoming me is uncomfortable yet exciting but I am not alone. Who is with me? Comment below #IamUnapologeticallyMe


In full restoration and trusting God,



quar·an·tine Time

It’s quarantine time! ? I know you’re asking why is Shana smiling because this is such a serious and emotional time for so many. Yes, I understand some of us may be going through probably one of the worst times in our lives. Being in quarantine is a state of isolation and can be very lonely, frustrating and depressing. I personally have felt all kinds of emotions – stress, anxiety, boredom and grief just to name a few. However, there can be lots of great things that can happen during isolation if you ACT now. Pause and think for a moment. Is your house in order???

Really, is your house in order? It’s quarantine time!

There is the obvious – your physical dwelling. Take the time to organize and truly clean your home. Dust, mop, clean and bleach everything that you can safely disinfect. It’s almost impossible not to have any contact with anyone or anything from the outside so take every precaution (and then add to it) to keep your home as clean as possible. As the seasons change and my boredom was high, I decided to pack away my winter clothes and transition to spring and summer. But as I removed items, I realized there were some many articles that I had not touched in years. If I’m honest, there were even several items that still had tags attached or I didn’t recall purchasing. My first thought was to sell as much as I could and buy some of the things that I wanted now. Then I started to think how there were so many others that could benefit from these items not to mention there were really no things I wanted during my quarantine time but to hug my family and friends. My desire shifted from packing away to packing to give away. Proverbs 21:26 reads, “All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.” It’s truly time to get my house in order.

Is your house in order? It’s quarantine time!

Now let’s take the f-word – financial. Every year my sister sends an excel document to every family member to update their respective financial information. The document includes bank account info, passcode’s, insurance info, doctor’s contact info, location of important paperwork like wills, social security numbers etc. If you can think about it, it’s probably there. Well earlier this year, I was very sick and as I laid on the floor of my office where I had slept for 3 days I thought to myself I am going to die. (undiagnosed Covid-19!) Then images of my husband and family looking through file cabinets and trying to guess my passwords to find information flooded my mine. I definitely am not ready to die and my house definitely is not in order. I prayed to God to heal my body because I have work to do. And He did – fully restored my health. Well I realized today and its now May and I still haven’t updated my info! (Shhh!!!) I know I’m not the only that promised God something then acted a little slow. But now it’s a goal that will be completed during quarantine time. Ok, that’s a dream. It will be completed by May 31, 2020 – not that’s a goal.

Is your house in order? It’s quarantine time!

Last but definitely not least is spiritual. In my book, IT IS WELL, I write about some amazing things that happened to me during isolation. No, I wasn’t in a government mandated quarantine but a God ordained isolation. I felt alone with nowhere to go, depressed and had thoughts of suicide. My life felt like it was in shambles, I heard a voice say I should just kill myself and it would all be over. I was lost. I cried out, “Lord, please help me, I need you!” I realized that there was something missing in my life and I had to find it. Well through journaling, prayer, and just living, I discovered exactly what was missing- A PERSONAL relationship with God and my life has changed forever.

So I ask again, is your house in order???

If the answer is no, it’s quarantine time!

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

Need a little more inspiration, well order your copy of IT IS WELL now with thought provoking questions and journal. Come join me on the journey to become Unapologetically You subscribe to my YouTube Channel .


Founder, I am Unapologetically Me! THE Experience